¿Dónde estamos?

DirecciónCarrer de la Cucurulla, 2, 08002 Barcelona

Horario:  De lunes a sábado de 10:00 a 20: 30; domingo de 12:30 a 20:30

Teléfono: 933 17 46 81

email: laura.colomina@hotmail.com

Tienda 2

Gran de Gracia, 57. Barcelona

Teléfono 934 122 5 11





4 pensamientos en “¿Dónde estamos?

  1. Kirsten Lenton

    Hello.Can you please let me know where I can buy your products from, online.  I recently visited Barcelona and purchased some of you Turron and would like to buy some more.Kind regardsKirsten

    1. casacolomina Autor

      Hi Kirsten,
      Thanks for your interest! You can send us your order to julian@turronshop.eu. We are the online store Nougat Colomina.


  2. Kirsten Lenton

    Hi JulianThank you for the quick reply.  I was hoping you had a website as I wanted to view the pictures of the Turron you sell, as I am unsure which types I purchased.  I was hoping the pictures would remind me.The Turron was bought as a gift in September and I know it was very well liked.  I wanted to buy some more as a gift for Christmas.  Do you know of a site that lists your products at all.kind regardsKirsten

  3. casacolomina Autor
    You can look at our website ecomerce : http://turronshop.mitiendy.com/ . You can not buy into it , as it is for Spain , but you can see the photo and make your order info@casacolomina.es or julian@turronshop.eu
    Greetings !

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